JJC LED-60 Macro Ring Flash LED Light for DSLR Camera (With Adaptor Ring)

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The JJC LED-60 LED Macro Ring Light is equipped with 60 high-power LEDs and are specially designed ring shape makes this ring flash is great for macro photography. JJC The LED 60 is a light source which can illuminate the subject. Permanently The units offer a continuous lighting, without annoying flashing without having to be because use is made of low-temperature LED’s warm. The continuous lighting ensures that you can easily adjust the exposure time. The JJC LED-60 ensures effective illumination of the subject during macro photography. The LED-60 ring flash uses 4 AA batteries as a power source.

Product Highlights

  • Fully Dimmable
  • 60pcs LED Bulbs
  • Power by 4x AA batteries
  • Free Adpater Rings (6pcs)


  • Heat free LED technology
  • Fills in shadows
  • Dimmable 100% to 0 (min. color shift)
  • Produces bright, HD-friendly soft light
  • Flicker free light output
  • Runs 3.5 hours on 4x 2000mAh Lithium AA batteries
  • Never change a hot lamp again (50,000 hr LED life)
  • All-in-one camera light w/no externacables
  • Uses standard or rechargeable AA batteries
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Size: 5.9″ x 5.9″ x 1.0″ (150mm x 150 mm x 26 mm)
  • Weight: Under 4.5 oz (128g)
  • Power Draw: 4 watts
  • Voltage Range 5.0V
  • Four AA Batteries (Internal)
  • Daylight Output (coowhite – 5600°K)

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